Want to go to the market | shuk? Learn the essential vocabulary!

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The market is the cheapest place to buy fruit and vegetables, and it’s also a great place to practice your Hebrew!

Here are some key vocabulary for your trip to the market.

Fruit and vegetable market

Selling fruit and vegetables at the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

how much is it? | ka-ma ze o-leh? | כמה זה עולה?
potato | tapuakh adamah | תפוח אדמה
apple | tapuakh | תפוח
carrot | gezer | גזר
tomato | agvaniyah | עגבניה
cucumber | melafefon | מלפפון
lettuce | kha-sa | חסה

Carmel Market Tel Aviv - selling vegetables

Vegetable stands at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

celery | se-leri | סלרי
basil | bazi-likum | בזיליקום
parsley | petrozil-yah | פטרוזיליה
coriander/cilantro | kusbara | כוסברה
lemons | limonim | לימונים
pomegranate | rimon | רימון
garlic | shum | שום
onion | batsal | בצל

1/2 kilogram | khe-tzi kilo | חצי קילו
500 grams | khamesh me-ot gram | חמש מאות גרם
200 grams | mata-im gram | מאתיים גרם
100 grams | me-a gram | מאה גרם

One thing you will have to be wary of on your visit in the tendency for the stallholders to give you more food than you want. It is ok to buy 2 apples, don’t let the stallholder shove any extra food in you bag that you have to pay for!

I don’t want any more | ani lo rotse yoter | אני לא רוצה יותר
I have enough | yesh li maspik | יש לי מספיק
you can put the rest back, I don’t want it | atah yakhol lasim et haye-ter bakhazara, ani lo rotse et ze | אתה יכול לשים את היתר בחזרה, אני לא רוצה את זה

Sometimes they give you extra presents after they’ve weighed your bags and you’ve paid, and that is a nice treat.

piles of candy in the carmel market

Selling candy like it is fruit at the Carmel Market

Want to buy some meat to go with your vegetables? Then check out the essential vocabulary for visiting an Israeli butcher!

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Photographs by Tony Savill.


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