Soak up the nature

Ebor Falls, Australia

Soaking up nature

Today I’m writing from the road – well really from the railroad tracks. I’m on a train from Manchester to Glasgow, gliding through endless green – the kind of green that you will never find in Israel, and only rarely in Australia. The green that only comes when the land is constantly covered in cloud.

I’m a city person – I love the endless possibilities that arise where I’m surrounded by thousands of people. But when I’m in the countryside I love soaking up nature.

The natural world is pretty amazing – all these plants, insects, tiny organisms, birds, animals living without the help of you or I, and often in spite of our best efforts to ruin their habitat.

If you have a chance this week, go into a park or to the countryside. Take deep breaths and soak up the nature. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty. Still your mind: forget people, forget your to-do list, forget your questions about your career and life. Just be. Let life be simple and beautiful, if only for a moment.

How does it make you feel?

The thing is, we need to know ourselves before we can know what work we enjoy, or businesses we want to create. We need moments of stillness and reflection to find those answers. For some of us, soaking up the natural world helps us understand our place in the world. It allows us to ask the questions about our lives that need to be answered.


Soak up the nature -


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