Science communication – a selection of my writing

I’m a Science Communicator, which means I’m an expert in communicating everything from the simple to the complex in a wide range of formats. I write for websites, magazines and newspapers, implement strategic communication plans, manage scientific grant proposals, projects and events.

Here is a selection of my science communication work.




Elfi-Tech is a growing medical device company that partners with major healthcare and semi-conductor companies. I created the website for Elfi-Tech in WordPress, and wrote and edited the content. July 2013


Extreme droughts, temperatures and death in forests

Article in the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) newsletter.  May 2013


SoilMapp for iPad: soil information at your fingertips

Find out what’s beneath your feet with CSIRO’s first app, SoilMapp, making soil information accessible from your location. December 2012


I re-worked the website text for this research program managed by the WorldFish Center, a CGIAR Consortium Research Center.


A multi-disciplinary team of Australian scientists are working with 20 research, extension and agribusiness participants from West and Central Africa to increase their knowledge and skills in Australian cotton production systems. (CSIRO)


CSIRO is working with smallholder families to increase the productivity of coffee-based farming systems. February 2012


Farmers are receiving phone messages with location-specific information to help with irrigations decisions. November 2011


CSIRO has been researching ways to quantify how ready Australia’s rural communities are to respond to climate change. By assessing the capacity to adapt and vulnerability, communities can explore where action can be taken to build strength and opportunity in the face of future constraints. October 2011


ADOPT: a tool to explore and inform how farmers might take up agricultural innovations
ADOPT is helping research organisations and others increase their understanding of the factors influencing the adoption of agricultural innovations. (CSIRO) December 2011


The Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Program
CSIRO is helping to understand, monitor and manage Australia’s landscapes and soil resources. The Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Partnership, a collaboration with many agencies, provides a hub for data and information on Australian soil and land resources. November 2011


Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS)
ASRIS is a collation of the best available, nationally consistent data and information on Australia’s soil and land resources. It facilitates better planning and decision making. (CSIRO) December 2011


Restoring box gum grassy woodlands in farming areas
CSIRO research is supporting the management and rehabilitation of box gum grassy woodland landscapes, particularly to improve their ability to cope with changes in climate. December 2011


Feature Articles

Most of us have heard of eco-tourism, but what about Science Tourism?
Published in Bare Essentials Magazine  - July/August 2012


Deep Space Down Below
Outer space and the ocean’s depths have much in common. Both are expensive, difficult, remote and dangerous for people to explore…
Published in The Helix magazine, June-July 2012


World Soil Day: celebrating a rare and precious thing
December 5 is World Soil Day, a day to advocate the importance of soil for human survival and promote its sustainable management.
Published in TERN e-newsletter November 2011


New goanna species discovered in the Pilbara
Researchers describe a new species of goanna in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. (CSIRO)
15 November 2007


Urban growth is requiring new measures to safeguard and plan green assets in and around Brisbane.
As the fastest growing region in Australia, south-east Queensland needs to work hard to continue to provide green spaces for its residents and visitors to enjoy. (ECOS magazine), September 2008


Media releases

Record wheat yield raises the bar for Queensland irrigatorsQueensland’s highest recorded wheat yield was achieved on the Darling Downs last year thanks to new management guidelines from CSIRO. March 2012


ACEAS Newsletters

 I produce the ACEAS newsletters and interview a participant for each edition.


Includes and interview with David Hohnberg from the Murray Darling Basin Authority on his ACEAS experience.
The ACEAS experience: an interview with Tracey Regan, an ecological modeller from the School of Botany at the University of Melbourne


End of year update from ACEAS


Interview with Martine Maron about managing noisy miner birds.


I interviewed Prof Corey Bradshaw about his experience at the ACEAS Grand Workshop, where the group discussed “How will carbon pricing change land use and impact biodiversity?”. This interview was reproduced on Corey’s blog Conservation Bytes.


The ACEAS experience: an interview with Prof. Wayne Meyer.


The ACEAS experience: Beverley Henry talks about her experience.

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