Launching Stick Around and!

Last week was a huge week, with not one but two launches from our home:

1. The launch of our first product – Stick Around!
2. The launch of my new website – you’re looking at it!

This is all very exciting. After a few months of talking about being an entrepreneur, I can now say that I am one with the launch of Stick Around!

Stick Around

peeling off a sticker from Stick Around

Peeling off a sticker from Stick Around

Stick Around are stickers that help you learn Hebrew. The packet contains 529 stickers, each with a Hebrew word, its translation and how to pronounce it, to stick on objects around your house. It was inspired by stickers that Amit hand-made for me one day to help me learn Hebrew.

Learning a language is really hard, but our stickers help to make it more fun and a part of your everyday life.

We have an online store at where you can buy the stickers and we will ship them anywhere in the world. Stick Around is entirely designed and produced in Israel, in the Tel Aviv area. This doesn’t happen that often these days, when most things are heading to China to be manufactured.

Stick Around

We’re offering a special launch discount until the end of February – 30% off with the coupon LAUNCH2012! It is a great gift and good for kids and adults alike. You can buy Stick Around on our website (our company is called Gingerhood because we are all red-heads).

How did Stick Around happen?

Amit decided that Stick Around was a great idea, and went for it. He enlisted the help of his friend Anat who is studying graphic design at top arts college in Israel. She did an amazing job with the packaging and added her flair for design. Amit taught himself Adobe illustrator to work on protoyping the design further. He then found a print producer to assist with the printing of the package in Israel. We brought home the printed stickers and boxes last week, and they are now decorating our little apartment. Amit also made a website with an online store – pretty nifty!

To ship off Stick Around we have to fold the box, gather the 16 cards of stickers and put them inside, and stick a little sticker on the front. We then hand-write your address on the package and send it off via registered post…. This is small business in the essence!

I helped Amit throughout the process with ideas for presentation and marketing, and am now helping with the promotion. It is really fun having something tangible in our hands to sell. And so far the product is getting lots of compliments and buyers from all over the globe. We are now working on getting some bigger orders, and spreading Stick Around far and wide.


Launching my new website –

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying my own domain name so I can pull my disparate projects together under one location, a location that I own. For a while I thought this wouldn’t be a good idea – why would someone who wants to read about travel also want to read about science communication? Shouldn’t I keep my different projects separate? Won’t it make me look confused rather than someone who is interested in lots of things?

But after a few months of maintaining a couple of blogs, and with nowhere to feature my science communication work, I decided to just go for it. I bought the domain for my name – – and within a couple of hours I had wordpress installed with a pretty theme design and my old blogs imported, with over 100 pieces of content all ready to be launched into the world with a new, pretty format.

I could have launched my site then and there. But I thought that the most traffic I’ll get for a while will be on my launch, so I better have things ready for that. Then the tweaking began, and it’s been going on for 2 weeks now. I added photos to each of my posts to make them pretty. I updated my mailing list, changing from MailChimp to Aweber, and creating a new sign up form for the new site (sign up here!). I had to learn more about how wordpress works.

All this tweaking has taken me hours and hours, but it is something that is fun and rewarding, because at the end I have a great looking website. It is my face to the world of known and unknown people who are interested in what I have to say. And that is exciting.

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