Interview with Natalia – mother, educator, traveller

Originally from Cordoba, Argentina, Natalia (Natt) has lived in Israel for 3 years now. Natalia shares her journey to Israel, and how being a mother has changed her life.

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Natt is from Cordoba in Argentina, the second largest city in Argentina. Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America

Cordoba has six universities, including the oldest one in South America. Tel Aviv  also has a large student population, with two universities, and numerous colleges.

Natalia is also a great traveller, and in 10 years time she hopes that her family will be spending half a year in abroad, and half a year in Tel Aviv.

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Editor’s note: Sorry about the blurriness of this video. Natalia was such a brilliant interviewee, with so many stories to tell, that I hope you will be able to enjoy the interview despite it not being sharp.

Technical note: do not use f/1.8, stick with the f/2.8 


Natalia: mother, educator, traveller


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