Interview with Amit Turkenitz – photographer, film maker, entrepreneur

Amit has spent his adult life avoiding being what earns him his living- a computer programmer. This has led him on a creative journey as a photographer, computer programer, writer and film maker. Now he wants to make a living from his creativity, and become and entrepreneur.

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Amit started his photography business Fly on the Wall in 2010. His photography style is just like the business name - Amit takes photos of people without interfering which makes the pictures natural and unique. Amit also produces short creative videos, using his film making skills he picked up at University. Visit Amit’s photography website Fly on the Wall.

Amit talks about Israel being a hub for innovation – Israel has the highest rate of start-up companies in the world, despite it’s small size of only 7 million people. Read about Israel being a world hub of entrepreneurship in Wired Magazine.

Watching the film The Social Network was a huge inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur for Amit. It is inspiring to see someone focusing on an idea and going for it, and changing the world in the process.

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Amit Turkenitz

Amit Turkenitz


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