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From my blog post “Soak up the Nature

This week I decided to join the current craze on Pinterest of creating quotes-on-photos. It looked pretty easy, so I looked at my previous blogs and found some things I’d written that looked quotable.

How to make your own photo-quotes for free using Picasa

  1. Download and install Picasa, it is a free photo editing and sharing software from Google
  2. Open your photo in Picasa

    This is what Picasa looks like when you have the photo open – the Picnik button is on the left.

  3. Click the “edit in Picnik” button
  4. The photo will then open in Picnik via Picasa.
  5. I found this software super easy to use – you can crop the photo, add effects like lomography, and you can easily add text in a great range of fonts. Play around and go for it!
  6. Save the photo
  7. Upload it and share it with the world!

You can also use Paint, which is installed free on every computer, but it’s not as fun to use.

Some other tips for making your quote-photo great

  • Choose a photo with some some space to put the writing
  • Make the writing easy to read
  • Use great, inspiring words – use your own for a little bit of self-promotion, or a quote by a famous person that you appreciate
  • Own the copyright to the photo, it will keep you out of trouble.

I’ve been sitting here for days trying to think up a topic for a blog post this week, and nothing came to mind. But as soon as I started creating something, even though it was just these little quote-photos, I had something to say!

So stop browsing Facebook and Pinterest and reading yet another blog about how to do what you love. Create something instead, and your brain will thank you for it.

Drawing with kids

Stop browsing Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest. What are you really looking for? Create something instead. Your brain will thank you for it.

(Ok, that’s enough quote-on-photos for a while.)

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