Freelancing: it takes time

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It takes time to build a freelance career.

I’ve been a freelance science communicator for about a year and a half now, and it’s only now that things are getting easier.


Because building your freelance career takes time.

It takes time to build your confidence in your freelance skills. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It takes time to build your client list. It takes time for the word to get out.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is super important for freelancers. People are going to trust you and want to use your services a whole lot more if they know people who have done just that. Word of mouth also helps build relationships, which are hugely important in freelance work.

In some countries, like Israel for instance, word of mouth is the most common way to find work, get jobs, find someone to marry etc.

The post-holiday rush

The long holiday period ended here in October, and suddenly my phone started ringing. Israelis wanted to hire me! Some for full time jobs, some as a freelancer. They heard about me from friends and friends’ of friends. They looked at my website and thought I was a person who did things. I went for interviews. Sometimes multiple interviews. And I got some new freelance clients.

So I recommend being prepared for those phone calls after holidays, like in February in Australia, or September in Europe. People come back to work determined to find what they need, and that might be you.

Remind people that you’re around before and during the holidays via blogging, emails, Twitter, Facebook – whatever you use.

For some tips on keeping in touch with your clients via social media, check out my beginners guide to social media.

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