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A dose of inspiration from the Escape the City newsletter in January

About a year ago I came across a website called Escape the City. It is designed for people wanting to escape their big corporate job, and find the thing that makes them come alive. It is an idea that resonates with a lot of people.

Every week the Escape crew send out a newsletter with 10 top jobs around the world that are inspiring – anything from running a horse-riding camp on the beach in Mozambique, to becoming a finance manager for a health food start up in London. The newsletter always contains a dose of inspiration. The website contains stories of people who have escaped the 9 to 5, who offer themselves as mentors for others, as well as a repository of great resources and inspiration for people wanting work that makes them come alive.

The Escape the City team is based in London, and they have an office in New York now as well. But a few months ago they put a call out to their 40,000 followers, saying that they are not able to start offices everywhere just yet, but they would love if people began meetups in their own city along the lines of Escape the City. When I heard this I spoke to my former colleague and friend Ronnie and Escape Tel Aviv was born.

We just had our third meeting for Tel Avivian Escapees, and every time we leave inspired. All those that attend feel so happy that others are just like them – seeking a working life that is more fulfilling.

In our first meeting about 20 people showed up, and shared their stories of being stuck in a job they have no passion for, or wanting to quit their job to start up a business that they love. Some people were just stuck in the knowledge that they were not doing the right thing. Others were trying to start something on the side. And others had jumped in the deep end of life without a boss. To be around people who are thinking outside the box and following their dreams is so inspiring. Simply knowing that you’re not alone is so important to helping your dreams come alive.

The second meeting brought even more inspiration, with entrepreneurs speaking to the group about their pathway to making their own thing.

And our third meeting featured two of our own members who talked about their fledgling businesses and the group was able to provide them with ideas for how to tackle an issue they had come up against.

Amit asked the group about how to market his everyday life photography, and he received tonnes of great ideas (Fly on the Wall photography, which is featured a lot on this website). Scott asked how to get experts involved in his growing community for landscape architects, and was also flooded with ideas from the group (Landscapes Architects on Facebook).

Landscape Architect network facebook page

The Landscape Architect network facebook page, with over 14,000 followers, was started by Escape Tel Aviv member Scott

So if you want to feel a little less alone with your thoughts about finding work that is more fulfilling, perhaps you should start a group like this – or join one that already exists, because they are happening all over the world! There are meet ups in London, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Melbourne etc… some of them are just waiting to have some life injected into them – you can find the list on the Escape the City meetup page. You can also request to join our Escape Tel Aviv Facebook page, where we post lots of inspiration.

I often think that we decide to not do things simply because we don’t have enough information, enough inspiration, enough people saying that we are doing the right thing.

Talking about your dreams in an environment where people are in similar situations can help you on your way to making those dreams a reality.

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