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Jo Savill

Jo Savill

In 2010 I left a comfortable job in Australia to follow my love Amit to Tel Aviv after we met at a cooking class in Vietnam. It turns out that love is a wonderful reason to do exciting things in life.

Upon arriving in Israel I studied Hebrew, enjoyed the Tel Avivian life, made wonderful friends, and started working in a large company writing grants for Israeli scientists. I struggled constantly with the feeling that the job was not right for me, and left after a year.

I then started doing my own thing – as a freelance science communicator.

In 2011 we got married (twice) and we designated 2012 our year of entrepreneurship. We launched our language learning product Stick Around – language stickers for the home in February 2012, and it’s now in over 20 stores in Israel and is available online too.

2013 saw me take on a new entrepreneurial challenge – as the community manager at CasaVersa, a new website for home exchange. I’m an avid traveller, so helping others travel more while paying almost nothing for accommodation is amazing fun! I love being part of the vibrant Tel Aviv startup community.

It seems that every year brings a new challenge, and 2014 presented another exciting challenge at a great Tel Aviv startup – Natural Intelligence. I’m a marketing coordinator here working on a new project for the company.

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Sitting across the living room is Amit Turkenitz, who is the one I moved for. Amit is a still photographer, video producer, scriptwriter, blogger and director in the field of commercial media, and runs the photography business Fly on the Wall. He’s now working for an awesome startup company called Interlude, an interactive video platform.

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