Interviewing everyday people

I stumbled upon a project called a couple that met via a typo the other day, and was happy to discover a bunch of tiny podcasts of interviews. I thought I was in really long interviews (which are less interesting and effective in my opinion), but these ones have been neatly edited into little portions – stories of people’s lives.

StoryCorps is gathering an oral history of all Americans. Since 2003, it has collected and archived over 30,000 interviews, and also has millions of listeners on their weekly broadcasts on US public radio NPR’s Morning Edition.

A very cool feature on their site is the Question Generator, which creates a list of questions for you to ask the person you are interviewing. This will be really handy for my project!

One interview I listened to is with a couple that met via a typo. There is something similar in this couple’s story to the story of me and my husband, which is probably why I liked it so much. About taking risks for love, and following your heart, even if it is a bit crazy! I guess that is a part of what my mini-interviews project is about – showing how different people live their lives, and how some things are so crazy after all if others also do them!

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