5 lessons from 5 weeks on the market

Stick Around has been available for five weeks now. These five weeks have been filled with amazing moments, like the first time someone bought Stick Around online, and when the first store in Tel Aviv started selling our product. We love seeing when people take Stick Around into their hands, smile at we’ve created, and tell us it’s a great idea and beautiful product. These are great moments!

But all these great moments have been matched by difficult ones, hard decisions we had to make, and the realisation that there is so much we don’t know.

We have learned so much in these five weeks, and we still have a lot more to learn. Here are just a few lessons for all new businesses for your first few weeks on the market.

1. Have a plan

We launched our product accidentally – we didn’t realise that launching a Facebook page was essentially launching the product (yes we are a bit silly sometimes). So we played the catch up game for a while – fixing bugs in our website, registering trademarks with lawyers, and realising that we should really have a business plan… We now know that having a launch plan is a very good idea!

2. People really want to help

We so appreciate all the support we’ve been given from our friends – they have given us a million ideas on where to sell Stick Around, people we should talk to, and how we can make Stick Around successful.

Facebook has been a great way to engage our friends from all over the world in our new business, and has helped us find people to talk to. Stick Around has 101 friends already, and we’d love some more (please like Stick Around!).

3. Find some mentors

It’s not just your friends that help. I met someone the other day who said we must speak to Barbara Shaw, a product designer who as her own range of Israeli gifts. Today we went to visit her, and she was so helpful, giving us advice on the next steps we should take in getting Stick Around out to the market.

We have found mentors during the past few weeks who are worth their weight in gold, and we are searching for more. We have also been looking into various business mentor programs, which we feel we need at the moment. There are lots of generous people out there who are just waiting to be asked to help newbies like us!

4. PR is fantastic

A close friend of Amit’s happens to be a PR professional, and he has helped us get some great media coverage in Israel. The highlight was being featured in an Israeli newsletter called Marmelada (in Hebrew), which was sent to 60,000 people! The hits on our website jumped hugely with this PR effort.

Here are a couple of helpful articles on how to get PR for your new business:
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5. The work never ends

Amit spends hours and hours packing Stick Around – we need to fold each package, insert the 16 sticker cards that are gathered from 16 piles, close the package and stick a sticker on the front. All this x5000, and we’ve only packed a fraction of this so far. The raw Stick Around stares at us from all over our apartment, and we are constantly reminded that we have many many hours of packing ahead…

There is always more people to contact, more blogs to write, more online promotion to do, more products to design and get to the market. Some days we don’t want to talk about our business any more because we can only see all the things that aren’t working like we hoped. Most days we don’t know where to start on our giant list of things to do.

But then we remember….

We are learning so much, and we can see endless exciting opportunities for Stick Around. We have so many ideas for creating new products. We have the amazing opportunity to create our own business. Anything could happen. It is up to us to make our business the best it can be. And that is damn exciting!

Barbara Shaw gave us an excellent piece of advice: Don’t give up. And we wont.

Jo holding stick around, with the old city of Jerusalem in the back ground

Today we walked all over Jerusalem to put Stick Around in more stores. Here I am in front of the old city walls of Jerusalem.

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