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I am an email newsletter addict. When I started thinking about creating my own business, I trawled the Internet and read all sorts of blogs, subscribing to every newsletter that sounded interesting.

100 subscriptions later, my inbox was getting so full I was entering an information meltdown. Now all the newsletters are filtered into a folder, which I open when I’m in need of some inspiration. There are a whole bunch I ignore, but a few favourites tha I always read.

So here is my top 10 online gurus that you should be reading. They write well, provide inspiration, make me think, move me, and tell me things that I wish I’d realised before.


seth godin

Seth Godin, marketing and business guru with a quality daily blog

1. Seth Godin is THE marketing guru. He writes nice short posts every day about marketing, business, and your customers.

2. If you are more of a visual person, you’re going to love Marie Forelo – she creates a weekly video with marketing, small business and personal advice. She is fun and has great energy.

Career and figuring it all out

3. Chris Guillebeau provides advice on unconventional living – whether that is shunning the corporate world and starting your own business, or pursuing his goal to visit every country in the world before he turns 35 (he has visited 183 out of 193 countries to date). He also just launched a book called “The $100 Start-up: Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love, and create a new future”, which is waiting on my bedside table to be read.

4. I read everything that Amber Rae delivers to my inbox, via her weekly blog post on Hey Amber Rae, and also via her blog project Revolution.is, which contains inspiring entrepreneurial stories from a different person every week. Her posts are short, easy to read, creative, and always inspiring.

5. The weekly Escape the City email is targeted at British/US people, but it has inspiring job ideas, and great stories of people who have created their own business to follow their passions. Every week they send out an email with their top 10 job and volunteer positions, along with opportunities to connect with others, and offer lots of interesting people as mentors. And the newsletter always has an awesome picture.

6. The Minimalists send out wonderfully written essays every week. It’s a pleasure to read great writing, and their musings on living a minimal life are beautiful and inspiring.

7. Barbara Sher has been around for years helping people discover what they really should be doing with their lives. I’m enjoying reading her book “I could do anything if I only knew what it was”.

8. Barbara Winter’s Joyfully Jobless newsletter is excellent. Barbara Winter is “a pioneering self-employment advocate, writer and teacher who has spent the last twenty-five years pondering the question, “Why aren’t we all self-employed?””, she writes on her website. Each newsletter has some great inspiration for those wanting to be “jobless”.

9. Juicy Tuesdays a weekly newsletter by Selina Barker, who gave up working a few years ago and now plays full time. Her newsletters are super honest and inspiring.

10. I enjoy reading Marianne Cantwell’s Thursday love letter – it’s filled with down to earth inspiration that makes you want to get of your butt and do something about creating the career that you love.  Marianne Cantwell created Free Range Humans, which is all about creating a free range career that suits your lifestyle. She travels the world with her location-independent business.

Have I missed someone that you love reading online about careers and small business?


Jo Savill is a writer, science communicator and entrepreneur. Stay up to date with Jo’s writing by signing up to her newsletter
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